The Houston market is extremely competitive. If you want your home to stand out among the rest, you are going to need to make the property as attractive as possible to buyers. One of the best ways to draw interest is with professional photographs. Like a picture, a photo is worth 1,000 words. If you are able get buyers interested in your home before they ever see it in person, you will increase your chances of selling your house quickly.

Before Calling

Once homeowners make the decision to sell, they are often in a hurry to put their house on the market and enter negotiations. While there is nothing wrong with a little bit of enthusiasm, you don’t want to rush the process. Before calling calling you will want to take time to make sure your house is picture perfect.

Outdoor Photos

Before begins taking photos of the exterior of your home, you want to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and take a good, hard look at your house. Pay special attention to the state of the home’s siding or brick, the trim around windows and doors, shutters, and other items that have paint or special finishes. Many times unkempt shrubs and trees will dominate a photo. You want the photo’s main focus on the house rather than distracting landscaping and maintenance issues. If necessary, you may want to consider painting or making other minor repairs. Also it is a good idea to move garbage bins, outdoor appliances and any clutter into the garage beforehand. Your home needs to have curb appeal. If it doesn’t, buyers will be less likely to consider looking inside.

Indoor Photos

Preparing the interior of your home is just as important as preparing the exterior. The first thing you will want to do is decide which rooms you want to feature in the shots. Important rooms such as common living areas, the kitchen, the bedrooms and bathroom are all important.

Once you have decided which areas will be photographed, it’s time to go to work. Start by removing any and all clutter from the room. Though it is acceptable to leave furniture on the floor and pictures on the wall it is important to depersonalize the room as much as possible. Next, evaluate the lighting in each room. You want the rooms to feel bright and airy in the photos. Draw back the curtains and open blinds to allow the maximum amount of light possible. Also small purchases such as flower arrangements, new decorative towels and even a new shower curtain can add flair to your photos relatively inexpensively.

Selling a house is an incredibly stressful and expensive business!

When you decide to sell your house, you need to stop looking it as your home and start looking at it as a house you want someone else to buy.
Too many people make the mistake of saying “well if they don’t like my bright purple walls, that’s their problem!” Actually it’s YOUR problem if you want your buyer to be able to imagine themselves in this house because they won’t be able to do this if the colors are too bright. Also, bear in mind, people don’t want to come into a house & see themselves having to decorate.

If you really can’t be bothered to change things to make your house appeal to others, your house could still sell fast, but you will have to be prepared to accept a lower offer. But there really is no excuse as there are an awful lot of really simple things (often cost free) you can do to tidy up a house and sell it quickly.
Briefly, you will need to:

  • Tidy up the front garden and the approach to the house — first impressions count!
  • Clear all clutter, and this includes kids toys, trinkets, your collection of cute lawn art.
  • Clutter can make a room look very small as well as messy, so make sure all surfaces are clear, including the floor.
  • De-personalise by removing almost all photographs, people need to be able to imagine themselves in your house.
  • Try and color co-ordinate a little, if you have a green sofa and a pink fluffy rug, remove the rug (and anything with colors that clash).
  • Clean and then clean again and if you have time, clean a bit more!
  • The two most important rooms are the kitchen and bathroom, so both need to be spotlessly clean. If you can make your bathroom look
  • as unused as possible then so much the better. People like to see rooms with a clearly defined purpose, so if you have a study that is a childs playroom containing a dining table and a television, decide what the room actually is and remove anything that causes conflict.

You can sell your house fast if it is fairly priced and any prospective buyers can see themselves living in the property. So it is up to you clear the clutter and clean that house.