In the Directors words…

“This idea for this venture was planted when as a REALTOR® I was looking for property in our listing service and as I looked at the pictures on HAR (Houston Association of REALTORS®) I was somewhat stunned at pictures that were under-exposed and badly framed, most of the pictures were less than appealing to the eye, much less to a buyer looking to find a property. So with a background in television broadcasting and an avid photographer, I began with one house to show an agent how much better a picture can be when approached by a photographer  and not by a REALTOR® who is not in the business of photography.” In the Director’s words…“it was a take.”

The Next Step

Continuing to look through listings online and taking notice of printed real estate advertisements, I began noticing that a lot of houses for sale also exhibited poorly composed or badly exposed images which really did nothing to attract a buyer’s attention, or displaying the property at its best. This is especially common at the lower end of the market. I believe there is a great need for a service both to home owners and real estate agents for professional real estate photography at realistic prices. A service where the client can simply contact the photographer, arrange a time and end up with fully optimized, professional quality, and most importantly, affordable photos of their property with a minimum of stress. “So eEealEstatePhotography.com was born!”